Why is Product Photography important?

Professional product photography is a key driver of store engagement, customer retention and conversion. It is very important for online businesses to use product images that are clean, clear and sharp. The more appealing and professional, the higher the customer confidence, and the more sales you will achieve.

You may be tempted to save your money and not hire a professional product photographer. If you get the itch to take your own photos, here are some things to consider:

Lighting: Make sure your item is well lit. Make sure the light is hitting the product in many different directions to reduce high contrast and shadow.

White background: Amazon and Ebay prefer products on a white background, so buy some white cork board, or hang up a bed sheet.

All in the Details: Add stylized photos to your gallery, such as showing the product in an environment. If you’re selling soap,  photograph it in the bathroom sink or in a basket. Selling a car seat or furniture? You may need step by step pictures showing how to assemble the item or how to install it. Selling an intricate scarf or toy, you may want close ups of it’s texture or fine detail.

Color and Sizes: No one likes to order the wrong color or size. Customers are going to have a hard time visualizing themselves with the product if they don’t see the different color, size or model options, so just listing these variables won’t be enough. If your product comes in three different colors, photograph all three products in the same angles. Use a model or object to show size references.

Edit: Make sure to download a photo editing app on your phone or buy a photo editing program for fine tuning and touching up the photo.

A few cons to consider:

  • You may have to buy or rent an expensive camera and lighting equipment.
  • You have to invest a lot of time in learning about the equipment and the lenses available.
  • Photographs may not turn out the way you expect so a lot of time will be spent learning the editing programs as well as editing.
  • Your time will be better spent in other company tasks.

All in all, take the time you need to create a unique look and make sure your photos are of high quality. This will not only benefit your business but will lead to more clicks and sales. If you find yourself stuck or needing help with this service, feel free to contact me to book product photography services today. Click here to view some of my product photography work.


Roxana Carrion

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