Social Media Ad Campaign Tips

Creating a Social Media ad campaign may sound overwhelming, but they’re an important marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses that want to increase brand awareness, increase sales, or generate leads.

Here are few tips help make this journey a little less scary.

What is an ad campaign?

An ad campaign is a set of advertisements that revolve around a single message to help achieve a specific goal. Ideally, the ads you create should be aligned with your social media strategy and business goals.

What your ad will say?

Always be clear on what someone will get when clicking on your ad. This makes sure you’re not paying for visitors that will leave your page as soon as they land on it.

With this in mind, what actions do you want the viewer to make?

Download e-book, signup to newsletter, attend an event, like your page, or visit your website?

Remember, don’t create an ad that does all of the above. Pick a clear goal, you don’t want to overwhelm or confuse a prospect.

Who should see it?

Many social media platforms as well as google Adsense, have an analytics section for you to research your target audience. Target research your audience by interests, gender, job title and company size. These analytics will help you narrow down the best platform for you to get the most engagements.


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to think about the image and text. Don’t forget to carry your brand throughout all of ads. If your logo or company uses a lot of cool tones, don’t use red colors or muddied dark tones. Your imagery should also re-enforce your message or text.

Make sure your ads are optimized for mobile phones.

You will need a variety of sizes for the different media types available such as phones or tablet.


When it comes to bid value and budget, you have to determine how valuable is this action to you? Don’t forget that your ad is competing with others. Ad placement is prioritized by a person’s maximum bid budget. The higher their budget, the higher the changes their ad will show before yours, even if you’re both selling the same product.

Once your ad is you must start A/B testing:

Target the same social ad at different demographics to see which segments lead to higher conversions.

Vary your images, or text, to see which combination of text and images drives the most engagements. This also reduces ad fatigue.

Ad testing is an ongoing process that helps you see what’s effective and what isn’t working. It will help make sure you’re reaching your ideal prospect.

Have an emergency response plan:

Determine how will you respond to to any hostile comments or customer concerns that may arise.

Plan B

If this idea is still overwhelming, you may need to hire a campaign manager or social media coordinator. If your company’s budget doesn’t allow you to hire someone permanently, or you don’t want to hand over your social platforms to someone else, you simply need a graphic designer.

A graphic designer such as myself will create several images that will help your ad’s message, brand and marketing goal come together cohesively. Contact me or book my design services here. 


Roxana Carrion

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