Vectoring is needed come production time. Expanding small jpgs will pixelate, and live tracing creates way more vector points than needed. These millions of vector points make changes cumbersome, and increases your file size. I can digitize any file from small jpegs to hand drawings. The final product will enable you to print your project as big as you need, with the crisp curvature and fine lines (no fuzziness or pixilation).

  • Simple projects such as logos or 1 color photo – $5.00
  • Detailed/Complex Vectoring: $15-$25 (Includes photos with gradients and fine detail)
  • Advanced Vectoring $30 – $50 (includes digitizing a portrait, mechanical equipment, 3D logos)
  • Prices are subject to change depending on customer order.

Bulk prices are also available if you have more than 1 photo conversion.

Book this service via  Square Inc.. You can also, or email me directly at



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