Manually masking images is a skilled, detailed and labor intensive process that most masking apps cannot match. Because it’s so labor intensive most companies don’t spend enough time to mask an image properly. Some call it “grunt work” and let these projects pile up. In the end they submit photos that have blurred or fuzzy edges which can often create results which are less than perfect for a client. My aim is to ensure that every picture you send is finished to the most exacting standards. I provide an image masking service for photos with

  • Complex Layer Masking such as hair, fur, and leaves
  • Translucent Image Masking (glass, smoke, water & fine-edge Jewelries etc.)
  • Product Masking (adding reflections or natural shadows to the product if needed.)

Even if the image you wish to use is set against the most detailed background of dark or gradient colours, I can separate it from the foreground image for your clients.

Group discounts are available for 3 photos and up.

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