Mighty Text

I’m shocked of how many people do not know of apps like mighty text. This app enables you to send and receive text messages from your computer. The image is a screenshot of how the app appears on your desktop. It syncs with your phone so you can also receive picture messages and download onto your computer.

I use it at work to dispatch to our company drivers. I can copy and paste addresses from online dashboards or PDFs and paste directly onto the message box. It reduces the amount of errors I could have made typing the addresses manually. To install you have to download the app onto your phone first and then go to mightytext.net to install onto your web browser or desktop.

At home I do a lot of digital work, so I am glued to my computer screen. Whenever I get a text I get a corner notification on my screen so I never miss a text nor do I respond hours later like I used to. I also love that I can I charge my phone, without being glued to an outlet having restricted distance.

The downside is that there is no iphone app for it. If you have mac you can still download as an extension on your web browser. You must also have a google account to log in but if you’re an android user it should not be a problem. I’ve tried other apps before this one, and by far this is the best. Others give you a fake phone number to text from so you don’t see the messages on your phone. Others just don’t have an easy to use interface. Go to mightytext.net to get started.

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