Logo Specifications and Brand Style Guidelines

Why are company style guides important?

Logo specifications and brand guidelines help create a strong brand identity. Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business stands for, allowing your business to communicate your purpose, your personality and create brand recognition.

Any style guide whether a logo style guide, brand style guide or sales pitch deck, communicates your company’s design standards to your employees, your target audience, brand ambassadors and potential customers. This will create cohesion and reduce inconsistency.

For example, one employee may use a teal blue on your website’s blog posts, but your social media coordinator may decide to use a royal blue when posting on your social media page. Brand ambassador’s might accidentally use dark and uninspiring images that don’t match your energetic and vibrant tone.

What does it look like?

Small businesses need a less detailed style guide while big businesses may have more details. At the most basic level, a Logo Specification Style Guide will include:

  • Font names of logo and tagline
  • Color pallets
  • the correct alternative logos
  • dos and don’ts

Brand Style Guide is simply a reference sheet that explains the proper visual usage of a company’s logo, colors, and tagline. A more detailed version may include:

  • Approved Fonts
  • Approved Images
  • Images not to use
  • Tone of voice
  • Target audience
  • Company history
  • Website screenshots
  • Mood boards
  • and more

Click on the links below to view some brand guides and logo specifications that I’ve designed for companies in the past:
Holabeaches-Style Guide

Detailed brand guide-example


Basic logo spec example

Ready to have your style guides created? What you’ll need to provide:

  1. An .ai or .eps of your logo
  2. A link to your website, or social media profiles
  3. A word document with your mission statements, tone and target audience

I will take care of the rest.

Book this service via  Square Inc.. You can also Fiverr.com.

Roxana Carrion


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