Roxana_carrion_designroxProfessional Life

I’m an honors student and Student Addy award winning graphic designer. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, and Web Coding through University of Central Florida, I have worked professionally for 8 years. Throughout the years I’ve gained on-the-job training in Portrait photography, food and product photography, as well as real estate photography.


  • Obtained a certification in Inbound Marketing with Hubspot.
  • Became certified in Social Media Marketing through Hootsuite.


    • Became a Level One seller in
    • Joined Sterling Signature Group LLC marketing team

For customer confidence I created my checkout process with SquareUp, where you can purchase my services or receive invoices for a job I do for you. To book a service now click here.


Paella from instagram accountWhen I’m not working, I like exploring new restaurants in the Orlando FL area. I love all kinds of food, from Japanese ramen, Colombian baked goods, Spanish soups, pastries, asian hot pots, curries and more. View my instagram account for more on these topics.

I also enjoy dance classes where I learn all type of ballroom dances, from salsa to swing, waltz and argentine tango to name a few.

View some of my gift ideas that I design and print myself, such as bookmarks, greeting cards and stickers.


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